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Panties and opened legs (19 images)

Get a glimpse of my most professional pictures almost naked with legs wide opened in front of the camera , so you can see my little panty

Stripping outdoor (23 images)

Get a glimpse of how I like to walk in the nature with no jeans on, just in my panties. A sexy slim brunette showing her nice naughty ass to the camera outside

FSinaRauch (39)

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Sexual preferences

Hardcore sex Oral sex Anal sex Threesome (FMM) Sexy lingerie Nylons Dessous High-Heels Uniforms Lacquer and leather Dildos Wax Fruit Role plays Swallowing Feet

About me

What is the best book that I have ever read
The magus for the way the author is blending the sexuality with the mythology and story telling
In which city would like to live
Living in Canada, in Calgary seems to perfectly fit me and my passions. I have the cold climate, the nice people and the mountains close. I think I would be able to fulfill all my desires.
What I wanted to do this at some
Attending a large concert once this pandemic situation ends. Maybe you can help me with suggestions!
What was my most exciting erotic experience
Being a mistress seemed to be the best experienced I had so far. Many times I see myself perfect fitting in the role of a woman who is giving orders and having them respected and authority recognized turn me on and explores my imagination
What was my most exceptional sex
The first time I had a man crawling on the floor to lick my toes in those opened toe shoes with high heels making me look endlessly tall
What is my favorite food
Salads of all kind, the more the merrier. I developed my own recipes and adapted them to my tastes and needs. Every time a man spend the night with me I enjoy preparing him one of my salads and spoil him for dinner.
What should I do if I am not online
I am a big fan of outdoor activities. I love hiking and exploring the mountain side in my country and not only. Breath taking landscapes and the freedom to walk and explore whatever I want is my fuel for energy.
I would take to a desert island
My best friend. Haha! You don't end up every day on a deserted island and I need her to take me sexy pictures
What I like the most
Most of the time, I listen chill out music and indie but I don't say to other genres who make me feel that good vibe and fill me with energy
What should be my soul mate
A big smile on his face, seeing a man relaxed and free it's the main reason why I wanna get to know him better.
What was the best party I've ever attended
Few years ago I've spent two entire weeks in Austria, to ski and take mountain trips with the ATV. It's one of the experiences I want to live again, but this time in the company of a loving man.
What I like most on me
I can tell that a bubbly, friendly personality will make you realize that all those things you were looking for in a woman can be found in the right place. I am a tender woman who enjoys cuddling and pillow talking after matching all the possible po
What I like most about sex
It's very important for me to have a tender men beside, who likes to alternate wild sex with vanilla moves, after a very warming up foreplay
What do I dislike in sex
I'm not a fan of being dominated beyond my will in bed. A bit of authority is making me wet, but too much is too much.
What I would like to try
I dream about being on my knees on the bed in front of you sucking your cock while you start breathing hard as you get close to climax. Right than I am releasing your cock form your mouth and let it blow in my face, on my glasses, all over my skin.
What do I wish in sex
Spicing up the sex is the key, being fully present there, body and soul and taking the initiative, being vocal and making myself understood about how i like it with a partner listening my instructions
What are my favorite positions
Get me laid down on the bed, with you all over me, taking me deep and slow from behind and you will have me exploded
What is my favorite sport
I like to ski, not only for the activity itself but also for the thrill and the control you feel like having while sliding down such an unsecure thing as snow is. Passing obstacles on the way down boost my confidence and also helped me have this fit
What are my best characteristics
That I get very enthusiastic sometimes too fast, and that sometimes leads to disappointment, and yet if I could choose I don't wanna give up on this feature. The enthusiasm I have after my first night with a man adds glimmer to the relationship and
sex is my nature
My schedule
Find me online everyday from 1PM to 9PM Germany's Time and do not forget to message me if you want a particular time
How I imagine a perfect date
The perfect date for me means if he surprises me! I love quality places with quiet music as background! I also love it when he knows what I'm looking for and what I like
What was my hottest experience
My hottest experience was when I was in London City! I was with one of my friends and he rented a hotel room on the last floor! The first night we drink some wine and we have sex on the balcony! at the same time we sow the whole city! It was so excit
Which sex fantasies I have
I love being treated like I'm the only girl in the world! I like being kissed and touched! I want my husband to be gentle and move slowly! I like it when I see in his eyes the obsession for me!
My fuel for life comes from the pleasure gaining taking real slaves liking my perfect toes and adoring my godly body.
Simple and normal taboos I'm not looking for blood , kids or animals! So don't ask!!!!