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My photoalbum (12 images)


OutDoor (29 images)

It's still winter out there so let's keep ourselves warm with some holiday memories! Visit PRIVATE SHOP 4 more pics!

Sophisticated Goddess (34 images)

elegant and beautiful

Latex Addiction (6 images)

I bought a new latex dress and wore it especially for you. Because i know how weak and helpless you become, when u look at Me wearing it. So weak, just ready to do anything for me. Yes, keep looking.. Confess, i could milk you dry in an instant, just by the click of My fingers. You could only dream of a Goddess as I am, so you are ready to pay me over and over, again and again. You are just so pathetic. You do not deserve my attention. So paying is the only option. Look more.. Such a beautiful shapes, My curvasious body making u insane. My long legs hypnotisuing you. You are completely addicted. See the FULL set in My private shop!

Smoking (6 images)

Got a SMOKING FETISH? I am happy to satisfy it! Marlboro, More 120's, cigars, Cigarette holder, Smoking rings.

Sexy Lingerie - Pay to Look (19 images)

The mere thought of paying me excites you. You just love sending Me your money. And I love to take advantage of your fetish. I dress up in sexy lingerie and bring you down to ur knees and beg you to pay Me. I love to make u thank Me for the pleasure of paying Me. Yes you are My pay pig and thats all you are useful for . So now you are going to look at those pictures, stroke and pay. There is no escape. Go ahead. Feed your fetish. Send Me tribute after tribute. Forget your fears and obey. Your excitment is much stronger then your fear.

Fantasie (10 images)

Do u have a fantasie? I would like to fulfill them! Come and share with me what u have in ur mid!

My WEB CAM Pictures (6 images)

Here are some more of my web cam pictures! Enjoy!

Fetish (41 images)

Tonight I'm turning a fantasy into reality. With shiny little PVC dress and extremely high stiletto heels I'm a living fetish doll, waiting just for you all alone in this luxurious room. I feel so pla

The Girlfriend Experience (31 images)

See the FULL wonderful collection in my Private Shop!

Crossdressing (7 images)

Do you have crossdressing fantasy?Want to try on my skirt? Want to touch my lingerie?See full gallery in my private shop!

On The Beach (14 images)

My luxurious life

FASHION (16 images)


PINUP (21 images)

Yes, pin-up craze! I'm crazy for 60s pin up! Those glossy red lips, wavy blonde hair, sexy gather belt and nylon stockings.I don't know how you feel about it but I LOVE this style. Marilyn Monroe personifies it best, and her effeminacy, "woman-ness" has always been an ideal for me. No wonder I enjoyed this pin-up style shooting so much. If I could , I would always do this style!

Leather (31 images)

Sit and stare at my perfection

Strap-On Goddess (7 images)

Submit to me

Goddess Life (18 images)

I enjoy spending your money on my vacations, keep paying piggies!

Boot Priviledge (5 images)

I know your weakness for thigh boots and that's why i decided to wear them today. Confess, when you look at me, all you can think about, worshipping these sexy shiny boots. Come here, slave! Today i will let you earn a priviledge to worship my boots! I love how weak and mindless you become lookig at me. You can do anything for me now. I love to humiliate you and tear down your male ego. I will leave you destroyed and totally ruined today, but this is a price you have to pay for worshipping my sexy tigh boots.

Roleplay (13 images)

And you're here again, reading these lines, being not able to resist, obeying your instinct that keeps on bringing you back to me. You're slowly browsing through my photos, feeling the need to please me even though you haven't seen them all. You feel desire within to please me and give me presents, it makes you ready to reject all your money and your casual life. Now sit down and listen to what I say - I always win. No matter what happens and no matter how corageous you may be. It always ends up with you falling on your knees before me. And now just sit and enjoy the sight of my perfect shapes. It is tine to admit the fact that you are just a little loser, addicted to my body, my feminine and elegance. Give up. In the end you will find yourself sutting there, weeping like a pathetic loser.

Merry Christmas! (13 images)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All my fans, friends, slaves, submissives! May your Christmas will be filled with lot of happiness, peace and love. Thank you for being with me all this time! See you in 2019!

Her Majesty, Catherine II (10 images)

The Great and Divine, Sureriour and Super Powerful Lady of all times. Crawl as you have no other choice! Show appreciation and buy the whole set in My private Shop Now!

Bimbofication (5 images)

Confess it, looking at Me now giving you strange thoughts. You just want to look like Me and crave male attention. PS : Now go and Get Full Picture set in My Private Shop

Munich, Germany (5 images)


(6 images)

FinDom Rush (2 images)

You always had curiosity about FinDom. But u had too much fears. Let Me help you. Begin ur first findom experience by watching those pictures and sending Me the first tribute . Its simple. Just go to my store and buy videos and pictures. Consider this will be a tribute with pictures or videos in return. This is a very gentle guid into the real world of Findom. Once u see my private pictures and videos - there is no way back to return. You addiction to pay Me and see more of me grows daily . Now sit back, relax and start your new life as My finsub.

Dont just stare at me, pay to look! (4 images)

You always longed to worship my body, It just makes you so weak. Sit right in front of me and stroke worship to every inch of my divine body as I deepen your torment more and more teasing you mercilessly. See more in my private shop.

Bike Lady (22 images)

I need the rush Can't get enough I got the need for speed. Out to the limit I´m here for the ride Don´t try to stop me just open it wide Wind back the throttle your foot to the floor Up to the red line give it some more Scream into danger that´s just what I like Pushing it harder the feeling is right Faster and faster don´t loose your grip Live for the moment there´s nothing like this.

Awards (2 images)

I was awarded as a Best Fetish Cam Model 2019 at Live Cam Awards and Best Femme Fatale 2019 at Eroawards.

Valentine's Love trance (17 images)

It's just me and you on Valentine's day. I am wearing beautiful red lingerie, looking so seductive. The night looks so promising. All of sudden I look deep into your eyes, piercing your soul and traveling right into your subconscious mind. You feel helpless. Weak. Small. You stop thinking. I capture your weak mind entirely and now I am your world. Your life. I am the one that only matters to you. I am so perfect. You edge for me.... You obey me. You love me. Like never before. No going back for you now..

Maldives 2021 (29 images)

Work harder. I am relaxing

Valentines Wallet Fuck (13 images)

I will always fuck your wallet. Because I am a Goddess. Because my body made for love and lust. Because I have a figure of unmistakable sexual corruption. Sensual, yet venomous I lure you deep into a euphoric trap of desire, lust, manipulated masturbation, and love addiction. You simply can't resist me. I'll always decide to cast a love spell on you and make you stroke or put you in the cage. While you beg me to empty your wallet. I will actually fuck it either way. If you beg me or not. And we both know that's the closest you will ever get to my sex.

Shezel (2 images)

Try to control yourself by looking at Me. Look at me, touch everywhere except your penis. Moan, cry, squirm until I let u have a few strokes.

FShezel (35)

Spoken languages

Shezel can chat in english Shezel can chat in czech

Sexual preferences

Oral sex Sexy lingerie Nylons High-Heels Uniforms Lacquer and leather Face-Sitting Feet Role plays S/M Being watched Voyeur (watching)

About me

My schedule
I am here for the real boys with toys that want to give me everything every late evening
Obey and Pay
Live Dates
Always Classy
Domination, StrapOn, Lingerie, Pantyhose, Stockings, Foot Fetishes, Hand Jobs, Spanking, Dominatrix, *ss worship, Sissy, Chast*ty, Small Penis Humiliation, CBT, Strap-On, Cuckold fantasies, TEASE n DENIAL, Face sitting, Feminization, Up-skirt, Foot worship, Shoes, High heels, Boots and much more!
My hobby
You will be forced to do things My way for MY PLEASURE Today I seek submissive men so I can use them and train them so they can please me the way I want it.
What should I do if I am not online
Modeling, Traveling, Metting My Alpha man, live My beautiful Life as a Holiday while u work hard and pay for it !
What was the best party I've ever attended
LIVE Cam Awards Party where i was nominated and awarded as Best Fetish Live Cam Model 2019. It was a true Bliss!
What is my favorite sport
jogging, street workout , home workout
What is the best book that I have ever read
The Stud by Jackie Collins
In which city would like to live
How I imagine a perfect date
1. Meet you at ATM 2.Withdraw your money 3. Kiss my ass goodbye
What I wanted to do this at some
travel around the world
I would take to a desert island
laptop and iphone!!
What should be my soul mate
Submissive and Generous
What I like most on me
Beauty and Confidence
What are my best characteristics
Confident, beautiful Goddess. I always know what I want and how to get it.
What I like the most
Depends on my mood, mostly deep house music and chill out.
What is my favorite food
Shrimps, see food and Japaneze food
What I like most about sex
What do I dislike in sex
What was my hottest experience
Ask me in private, i have toomany to type on here .
What do I wish in sex
Full obedience
What I would like to try
All kinds of Domination and Humiliation accompanied with FinDom
What are my favorite positions
Always on TOP
Which sex fantasies I have
All about Dominating and humiliating my slaves and paypigs
What was my most exceptional sex
Dominating slave in public
What was my most exciting erotic experience
Ask me in Private