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About me

My schedule
I mainly stream in the afternoon and at night the morning just does not suit me, I hope we meet each other soon.
Everything can happen, it just depends on you
What do I wish in sex
I love it when both of us enjoy it. It makes me horny when I see in the face of my partner that I make him crazy with my movement.
What do I dislike in sex
I dont want anyone to force to my horny games and other way round ai dont like to be forced into them. Be nice to me and ill be nice to you.
What I like most on me
I am very playful and open.
What I would like to try
I believe that the change brings the sex life simply the spice. That's why I would not be reluctant not only to try with a partner.
What should be my soul mate
He should have a good sense of house.
What should I do if I am not online
Then im doing sport to keep myself fit and react something off.
What was the best party I've ever attended
Very difficult to say, i think every occasion is special.
What is my favorite sport
I'd say swimming, there i have finally less clothes on me
What is the best book that I have ever read
I really love to read criminal stories, as the tension is always killing me
In which city would like to live
I love London and can't imagine living anywhere else.
How I imagine a perfect date
The most important thing is the chemistry, i don't need something special.
What I wanted to do this at some
Never joined the High-Mile-Club, i would love to change it.
What is my favorite food
The asian kitchen is very tasty and colourful in its ideas.
What are my favorite positions
I love doggy what about you bb?
My hobby
I love to dance, read, workout, and yoga, I like to be always happy and laugh a lot, I really like extreme sports and adventure!I like to enjoy my sexuality, enjoy my sexuality alone, and with my partner, I really enjoy given a nice blowjob, its really exciting see the pleasure in his eyes!
I would take to a desert island
I would love the most to take you on to the Island.
What I like the most
I just love to loose myself in the classical music,
What I like most about sex
Come to my chat and we both find it out together :)
What are my best characteristics
Read the point above this one to find out.
What was my hottest experience
I cant really remember what happened at the party, but as i woke up
Which sex fantasies I have
oh the best fantasies are the ones, that we will turn into reality.. if you want to know them. just ask .. and i will tell you my secrets..
What was my most exceptional sex
I was fucked from behind in a park.. i love outdoor!
What was my most exciting erotic experience
amazing.. cold ice cubes in my hot pussy