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when iam on webcame, iwant to show my costume, how iam ilook beutifull and to make them to be happy always when there are with me on webcame. to make them , not to feel bolling , jokes and them to came to visit me time too time when they are free. igo to change my sex clothes , time to time and them to be enjoye with me. they are welcome on my webcam and they are free talk to me anything what they want it. i go to use my style to show them , iam good . iam not a shame person , you see
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What is the best book that I have ever read
my favorite book is Romantic, the book about girl and boy love each other . from teenage from school until the get marriege. a book make to return my memories when i remember my first boyfriend and my first dating. a book i can read time to time an
In which city would like to live
i want to live in beutifull city, big one , and all the shop is not too far. i want to live in the city clean , a city not having criminal or drung deal. a city is save , Polisie is moving araund , safe city. a city have church some sonday too,
How I imagine a perfect date
perfect date would be like in summer because i want to wear clothes. we can go out in the city and i want this person can came with car, not with Motor bike becasue i hate motor bike or biscle. pls, be sure you have a car , or to buy one.rom
What I wanted to do this at some
on my bucket, would you aske me, idont want during the night because iam to afraid because idont know very well.iprefer you to came morning from 11,30 because i take care myself . a person idont him well and to moving with him in the night fo
What was my most exciting erotic experience
my erotic eperience is too make you good massage the whorle body , day night , erotic massage . ican go with you in sauna, even ican make you massage too there. i can use oil too , ican make you to came with my hand only ,even idid not sex with y
What was my most exceptional sex
my most experience sex, better you can talk to me , because iam not a Profficianly . we can look on sex video too but not the one too dirty, only the who is normal. be not shame to talk to me , be free when you with me. be happy and you are welco
What is my favorite food
my favorite food, ilike to eat Chinesse food and i eat fish in Greece restaurant because they cook nice. idont go to eat in restaurant too much. most ilike to cook my ouner food at my house, becuase i have more time to cook my food. i cook very we
What should I do if I am not online
when iam not online, iam study because i want to have a Diploma, but i go to find away top go online on my free time. sometime ihave to clean my room , to go shoping and ihave to cook my food too . i have to wash my clothes too. sometime i have
What was my hottest experience
iam hottest because i have different sex clothes , different bra. if iam wear it. you want to see me on that , even you to be like crayz and you want to be with me only. iam hottest because the word i talk to you , ican make you to be came so
I would take to a desert island
ilike the island not so big , but the shop is not far away. island cool and beutifull . the island have more flower , and nice bulding and too clean. people who live there they much be friendly and honest. no criminal or killer in the island. is
What I like the most
ilike music, the one sing abaut love, romantic, ilike portuguess music, latin america, when i sleeep ilike to put music , than ilisten the whorle night and isleep very well . ilike to risten musc every day, night . even when iam cooking ilike to ri
What should be my soul mate
ilike a partner who is christian, a honest and person who dont lying too much. a person who wear very good not the one badly. a person who have a good heart but the one who have a heart of lion . a person who like children. a person who does l
What was the best party I've ever attended
I was visit a Birth party to onme of my girlfriend, my friend was make to great all visiting , and i was cooikng litter too. there alot of peopel was caming that days. we was cooking alot food and we was dancing .i am the first person i was talk
What I like most on me
ilike most abaut myself, because iam beutiful, my body is attractive , shine body, lovely eyes, and i have too big breast and all the man, they wil cray for me and for me. but even they can follow me , i have one , ilove arleady. ilike myself becau
What I like most about sex
ilike to feel good during sex, ilike man to kiss me well and i hate man who does know anything, or when he is boring. if isee that ican teach him beuse i have borinmg sex. idont like man who talk rabbish for woman or talk bad abut woman. ilike ma
What do I dislike in sex
idont like man who is arrogont , talk badly abaut woman, iike a man who is have respect and a good person. idont like man who like to fuck me in ass because i dont like it at all. idont like to sleep with two man the sametime. ilike only one pa
What I would like to try
i want to try out, new things , like Doggy or you ican try out like Golden shower. ilike to try out, if you can talk to me, what the things new and so i can learn too and iam ready to do it for you. iwould like to know more new things as l
What do I wish in sex
my whishes is to, you will drive a finger ,on my sexual lips and you will penetrate inside . iwant you to get your dick of you ,out of my pants and start to drive them between big boobs - then my lips closing on you, an di can suck you very
Which sex fantasies I have
i want you to see me on in stocking and lare and give you unforgettable preasure. i want some one to talk to me nice word, be free to talk to me , i can put duds between in my big boobs an my lips closing . icna pray myself with duds ,toy
What are my favorite positions
iilke first of all, a man who can kiss very well . ilike position a man who can sit on me , and give me a good sex. and man who know very well dogg . a man who talk romantic word , mound and he can cry my name too rout . he can kiss me ti
What is my favorite sport
ilike to make sport , like Fitness at my place and idont like to go Fitness Studio, so ido at my place. ihave big place where i can do my sport . sometime elike to run outside to get fresh air. ido with bottle , i write Fitnesss in my computer th
What are my best characteristics
iam a good lady with good charater and ilike to make jokes, ilike tio sing and to dance. iam a happy lady always . i greet people with love and help the poor too . idont like people who talk badly to other because idont like that . so ilike p
ilike to walking long and chatti