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for my female visitors,smile!

sunday is wellnessday (17 images)

at home in my bath since 1978,smile!

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Sexual preferences

Passionate kissing Strip Vanilla sex Oral sex Anal sex Titty fuck Creampie Masturbation Rimming (ass licking) Face-Sitting Dessous Sexy lingerie Cream Intimate shave Role plays Golden shower Outdoor sex Sex in puplic areas Being filmed Being watched Threesome (FFM) Swinger club Group sex

About me

My hobby
To be free, Fun and Action in my Life+for all new Things open, smile!
Live Dates
nice sexuell adventure with one or more females +me...that all have fun, smile!
My schedule
if i want fun, smile!
to be free
What should I do if I am not online
be free+have fun!!!
What was the best party I've ever attended
parties always good,smile!
What is my favorite sport
sex in all variations+games bring fun and emotions for me and my hot body, smile!
What is the best book that I have ever read
all books, that i`read are ok!
In which city would like to live
not big city-nice home, smile!
How I imagine a perfect date
respekt by the partner
What I wanted to do this at some
to be free
I would take to a desert island
2 good femaletrainers together we be an topteam, smile
What are my best characteristics
lucky and be human,smile
What I like the most
all which give me a good vibrations, smile
What is my favorite food
all eater
What I like most about sex
all have fun+feel good
What do I dislike in sex
pain + shit
What was my hottest experience
sex under water!
What do I wish in sex
many orgasmen for bunnies and me,smile(non plus ultra)!
What I would like to try
ultimative sexdates with more sexy girls, smile!
What are my favorite positions
all, smile and for new things open!ether pain and shit,smile!
Which sex fantasies I have
the ultimativ high
What was my most exceptional sex
between diving in the middleocean, mega!!!
What was my most exciting erotic experience
same before
What should be my soul mate
looking ist not important, heart feel the same positive feeling!
What I like most on me