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I am a very powerfull woman in order to punish you if you are a bad boy.

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Sexual preferences

Oral sex Masturbation Face-Sitting Sexy lingerie Nylons High-Heels Feet Role plays Uniforms To tie up Being watched Voyeur (watching)

About me

What was the best party I've ever attended
A mega party where I bathed in chocolate and I fought with a friend, for fun. .
Which sex fantasies I have
I'll let you discover this , if I tell you everything .... you 'll never hear from me?
My hobby
I love to shop , to take care of me, love music.
What is my favorite sport
I like to ski . Every winter are present in Ski Arena , where I like to live adrenaline.
I would take to a desert island
I would take you a few sexy outfits and that's all , the rest come from itself
What are my best characteristics
I hearted , very open-minded , be loving , be obedient .
What I wanted to do this at some
After we have experience in relationship , I would like to visit as many wonderful places together , we create memories for later, you agree with me?
What I like most about sex
I like piquancy , I hate being bored in bed , so any fantasy is more than welcomed, I like extravagance , love novelty .
What do I dislike in sex
I do not like when you have too many limits , it is nice to experience ....
What do I wish in sex
I want diversity, as I said . I desire love, as much openness ....
What I would like to try
I find anal sex taboo . To be honest because of personal problems in the past I have not really experienced. I wish a serious relationship to try this more , I think is what I love the most, it is definitely !
What was my most exceptional sex
Will be the future hope
What I like the most
I love music that relaxes me , listen : Shakira , Taylor Swift , Whitney Houston , Beyonce , Tokio Hotel, Modern Talking and much more ...
What was my most exciting erotic experience
will be the future hope
In which city would like to live
I would like to live in Dominican Republic , love to sunbathe , love to forget worries , I like to feel like living...
How I imagine a perfect date
Since I determined that we are honest , that two people mannered , it would seem ideal to meet at a restaurant where we can know each other better . Elegant love , I wear a backless black dress and some silver sandals , elegant costume you want , leave me stunned ...
What I like most on me
I like that are always full of life . I'm being honest even if sometimes painful, I like are high - makes me feel strong , I love my long legs .
What is my favorite food
Light food , seafood, clams , lasagna , pizza , salads and other exotic
What are my favorite positions
I like to be on top, to lead the party , ha ha
What is the best book that I have ever read
My favorite book is Napoleon Hill. If you have not read it please do, I am sure I 'll thank .
What should I do if I am not online
If I am not online, leave me a message and I ll answer yo as soon as possible! Do not forget to add me to your favorites !
My schedule
I have a particular program , go when I feel good, if you like me you can leave a message and we determine when we can see online.
I like : communication and sex
What should be my soul mate
It would be smart to like inner beauty to be romantic , to be himself - very sincere .
What was my hottest experience
I liked when I was talking dirty and romantic at the same time , when I was kissed passionately .... when I was in the woods and I did it in my car would seem craziest.