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About me

My schedule
Almost every day. I'm waiting for you! :)
Let me introduce you to my wet world
My hobby
I love to dance. Its my passion and my life :) Keeps me fit and always in a good mood :)
What should I do if I am not online
When I am not here I have a lot of sexy fun if you want to know more you just have to ask me:* Or join me.
What was the best party I've ever attended
A beach party where I had some fun with two of my girlfriends:) And the sand in my panties...
What is my favorite sport
Cycling, yeah but I like swimming too!
What is the best book that I have ever read
I think that Kamasutra:) with pictures too! :)
In which city would like to live
Barcelona... I would love to be there! :D
How I imagine a perfect date
Surprise me baby:) but I love long night walks. M...
What I wanted to do this at some
Always wanted to learn pole dance... I think it's so hot! ;)
I would take to a desert island
Maybe you sweetie:* Do you want me to? Or not?:D
What should be my soul mate
He should definitely know how to use his brain! That's really importat. M...
What I like most on me
I am always ready for some new fun! Always:)
What are my best characteristics
Persevering, courageous, funny, horny... and so on ;)
What I like the most
I like the music of two bodies brushing each other with sweaty, hot atmosphere of great sex ;) that's the best Music.
What is my favorite food
I love to eat healthy and thats why I taste so sweet... Haha!
What I like most about sex
I love the feeling when the Orgasm comes and I feel myslef as if I was in heaven, my body is shaking.
What do I dislike in sex
egoism :) the worst
What was my hottest experience
One time I had sex with 4 girls and 3 guys and it was great, Gang!
What do I wish in sex
The sense of time and mood - Man has to know when to make love with me and when to fuck me like beast. With passion and love.
What I would like to try
I would love to try sex with toys and two men:) And you?
What are my favorite positions
Ridding, 69 doggy and much more...
Which sex fantasies I have
Oh there are so many bb:) With so many toys
What was my most exceptional sex
With pizza delivery man and my roommate, nummero uno!
What was my most exciting erotic experience
It was here on a chat. Wanna know some details? Then come to me:) I am waiting ;)