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LeahObscures Photos

Homeshooting (9 images)

My first Shooting in my rebuilt home.

Christmas (11 images)

...is coming soon....!!

Christmas (8 images)

Alle Jahre wieder - kommt Weihnachten aber auch immer soooooo plötzlich! ;)

Monsterdam (6 images)

Clothes by MonsterdamPhotos by Marcus Kauth

FLeahObscure (30)

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Sexual preferences

Hardcore sex Oral sex Anal sex Threesome (FFM) Dessous Sexy lingerie Nylons High-Heels Dildos Wax Titty fuck Body insemination Swallowing Rimming (ass licking) Role plays S/M Golden shower Outdoor sex Being watched

About me

My schedule
At the moment I don't have special dates for cam but I will change it in the near future. So, stay tuned! Cheers, Leah
Metalchick & Dominatrix
*boobs *big titts
*KV & vomit *blood *to spit at me *humiliation
My hobby
Pornographie & Sex, Musik, Sport & Ernährung, Backen & Kochen... Kunst & Photograpie ;)
What should I do if I am not online
I also have a normal job and I love to do this beside beeing a camgirl. As often as possible I try to make new pictures and videos - I love to do this with my cute girlfriend AlissaNoir. You should also visit here site. We like to try new things. On a lazy day we often go out and looking for new places for new pornstuff. I also like sport and as often as possible I try to do some.
What was the best party I've ever attended
Oh I can't remember at the moment but I love kinky partys ;)
What is my favorite sport
I like doing sport in the gym because I want to train my body a bit more. But I also like demanding sport like volleyball, badminton and I also love squash ;)
What is the best book that I have ever read
The best books I ever had read are from Dan Brown. I like how he write. ButI can not miss the Harry Potter serie ;)
In which city would like to live
Oh different question. But if I had the Chance to decide, so I would take London. It's such an interesting city for me.
How I imagine a perfect date
A good conversation - not to pushy of course - but I like that certain something, you know?! To be executed in a nice bar or restaurant, to enjoy a good wine - nice wardrobe and to go home with feeling that say I've to see the person again.
What I wanted to do this at some
I want to do bungee jumping ;)
I would take to a desert island
Musik, books and my sweethearts ;)
What should be my soul mate
He should has broad shoulders, dark hair, big hands - I love guys with beard, bright eyes and he should has the certain something to drive me over the edge.
What I like most on me
I like my boobs, my belly, my arms and my face.
What are my best characteristics
I thing all other than perseverance and my impatience :/
What I like the most
Goth, metal, rock, rockabilly.... I haven't a special musik if I am in a party mood I also listening electro, so it's different from day to day and from mood to mood ;)
What is my favorite food
I like italian food, Sushi - oh it's so delicious ;) But the most important thing I like is a fresh cooked and healthy meal.
What do I dislike in sex
Vanilla sex and do it on the sam way every night..... ;)
What was my hottest experience
A nice evening in a swingerclub ;)
What do I wish in sex
Variation and exciting sex ;)
What I would like to try
Bungee jumping!!
What are my favorite positions
I don't have some favaroites.
Which sex fantasies I have
Very dirty ones ;)
What was my most exceptional sex
A execiting evening in a swingerclub with my partner and my girlfriend an some cocks ;)