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AlissaNoirs Photos

selfmade (6 images)

Here you can find a lot of picture made by myself

selfies (9 images)

just a lot of my selfies

extreme posing (53 images)

photography is my dearest hobby and I love to do some strange poses....you'll see some photos made by myself

Military Girl (Candy Queen) (15 images)

Ich will Candy Queen 2015 werden! Das war mein erstes Shooting, gefalle ich dir? Dann gib mir deine Stimme: www.visit-x.tv/candyqueen

summertime (11 images)

it was one of the best summer days I had this year...

my last photoshooting (10 images)

I love this photos so much....what is about you?

Christmas (17 images)

Sexy x-mas pictures of mine and Leah Obscure....

Tattoo pictures (15 images)

My tattoos :)

fetish fantasies (8 images)

some fetish luxury pictures of mine...

art hotel (4 images)

some pictures from my last shooting

tattoed lady (4 images)

aesthetic photos of a tattoed lady

Sommer Selfies (9 images)

Ein paar sommerliche Selfies von mir :)

Rubber dreams (3 images)

Ein paar sehr heiße Bilder im Latexoutfit..

Weihnachtsbilder (1 images)

Nun wie der Titel schon verrät, hier geht es zum Weihnachtsset :)

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Spoken languages

AlissaNoir can chat in english AlissaNoir can chat in german AlissaNoir can chat in russian

Sexual preferences

Hardcore sex Oral sex Anal sex Threesome (FFM) Dessous Nylons High-Heels Dildos Body insemination S/M Golden shower

About me

My schedule
I will be in my chat-room when I feel naughty.....I love Sex and enjoy to show me...so I am sure that we can have a nice session together ;) Write me please if you want to know about my caming time...
your hottest sin...
Live Dates
I just meet slaves in the studio in Berlin where I work as Dominatrix...
golden shower, anal, needles, cutting, spitting, dilatatator, CBT, niplle-torture, electro-games, whore teaching, fisting, rubber
KV, Vomit, Ageplay, Blackmailing
My hobby
photography, pornography, art, movies, music, drawing, cooking , sex sex and sex :)
What is my favorite sport
I love water...and swimming and the second sports art I like is yoga.....for more flexibility you know? ;)
What is the best book that I have ever read
My favorite book is Graf of Monte Christo from Alexandre Dumas. At the moment I am reading John Sinclair books....and I love the audio drama too...
What I wanted to do this at some
I love action and adrenaline......anytime I want to risk a Bungee Jump :)
What I like the most
At the time I love the music of Burzum (Black Metal).....anytime I like: Wumpscut, Unter Null, Velvet Acid Christ, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, The Devil makes Three, The goddamn Gallows, Calva y Nada, Woodkid, IAMX, ASP, Placebo, Grendel, Soko Friedhof, Scarry Bitches, The Hillbilly Moon Explsoion and more... A little bit darker :)
What is my favorite food
Sushi and italian food.....the best is to cook self. I like healthy food...
What I like most about sex
Brainfucking! It is the most important thing, because sex must happen in our mind and not just with our body....
What do I dislike in sex
What was my hottest experience
puuuuhhhhh....there are too many interesting experiences I did in my life....you can ask me in my chat for that ;)
Which sex fantasies I have
naughty ;)