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About me

My schedule
Afternoon and night.
Soft, sweet, sexy...want more?
My hobby
Music, books, movies, cars, sport and sex ;)
What should I do if I am not online
Probably I am fighting with alligators in the Amazon river, jumping on bungee, planning to conquer the world and drinking tea. All at the same time.
What was the best party I've ever attended
I hope the best party is still ahead of me, but I was once at a very crazy school trip at which I had my first time ;)
What is my favorite sport
I don't like sport so much, unless you mean bed sport arts ;)
What is the best book that I have ever read
The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour
In which city would like to live
I'd love to live in a big city with the best clubs in the world like Los Angeles, Miami, Amsterdam or Berlin
How I imagine a perfect date
Being kidnapped by a handsome guy, who forces me to all kinds of sex
What I wanted to do this at some
I've always wanted to discover new things and be the bravest woman in the world by doing things on the edge of brave and insanity ;)
I would take to a desert island
What should be my soul mate
I have weakness for bad boys with good manner so I guess I am kinda classy with that.
What I like most on me
I like my crazy creativity that burns your ideas to the ground. I am competetive and I like rivalry, so be prepared to meet the walking challange :)
What are my best characteristics
I am very patient and never give up.
What I like the most
Rock & Roll baby!
What is my favorite food
French cuisine (and French love ;)
What I like most about sex
What I like the most is the shivers which come during nice, sensitive sex. Also a lot of touching and biting, lots of wilderness in my bed! ;)
What do I dislike in sex
I don't like when man thinks that he can take advantage of me and be overwhelmed. I never let him do such things.
What was my hottest experience
Gangbang during last summer
What do I wish in sex
I wish man who let the girl be active and not only passive - I hate be only passive, I love riding and taking advantage for myself ;) Also I love that sense when man should be rough and when gentle and kind. Just magic!
What I would like to try
I'd bet my money on sex in dangerous situation on places - factories, edge of the gap, volcanoes, in cage with shark around us, there are different many combinations!
What are my favorite positions
I like to create my own positions with the use of the surroundings - tables, shelves, wardrobes, washer... And whatever is within the range of my hand and legs ;)
Which sex fantasies I have
I'd love to one day have sex with bunch of handsome gangsta guys who I would just met in some dark alley ;) And they would be suprisingly mannered and manly at the same time.
What was my most exceptional sex
I've had once a quick one with my ex who caught me on doing this with his... girlfriend. He joined us at the end, when we were close to cum and before he just was watching us playing with each other.
What was my most exciting erotic experience
Sex in a museum with person I'd just met.