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Sexual preferences

Hardcore sex Threesome (FFM) Threesome (FMM) Nylons High-Heels Titty fuck Swallowing Face-Sitting Feet Role plays Outdoor sex

About me

My schedule
Very often, when I only have some spare time ;)
Wet, horny and wild FOR YOU
joi, cei, fcnm, cbt
My hobby
My hobby is sex. I love hot positions .. and to be in control .. Me sitting on your face and slowly riding your twirly tongue .. My juice .. tastes delicious;)
What should I do if I am not online
Hm, I'm pretty active... I'm always traveling, doing sport, clubbing, dancing... remain among people :)
What was the best party I've ever attended
A house party at a friend .. all were already pretty drunk :) And I've walked on a couple accidentally while they were having sex... both were so hot... I had to watch it to the end :)
What is my favorite sport
Lately, its cycling and playing squash!
What is the best book that I have ever read
Oh that would be Kamasutra.. and how creative one gets after reading it! Unbelieavable!
In which city would like to live
How I imagine a perfect date
Love to be surprised with something... it shows creativity... I like when a man, takes time to plan a date with me...
What I wanted to do this at some
I've always wanted to be someone special - widen the horizons, breaking the limits, go where nobody else has ever gone yet.
I would take to a desert island
I would take a DJ and my closest friends... nothing better than a techno party on a beach!
What should be my soul mate
There is no answer for this! Of course it would be nice if he was good looking, but it's not necessary. The interior is what matters most.
What I like most on me
I love my ass and my perky breasts
What are my best characteristics
I am curious and stubborn... and I love to dominate :)
What I like the most
Love techno, house...
What is my favorite food
I like italian food, sea food, healthy food that gives me the right energy that I need...
What I like most about sex
I like the caress of a man and I like taking the initiative - initiating the sex in creative way is the best foreplay ever :)
What do I dislike in sex
I don't like getting straight to the point and making love without any feelings.
What was my hottest experience
Accidentally I have once ended with two other girls in bed and we start playing with each other in every possible way. It was better than Kamasutra with my ex.
What do I wish in sex
Love, caress, feelings, imagination and hell of an orgasm.
What I would like to try
I'd like to go on a sex party some day and being adored by bunch of man fighting for my admiration.
What are my favorite positions
The more creative, the better it is ;) Kamasutra won't follow my imagination.
Which sex fantasies I have
I'd love to have sex with a poet or writer. Or have love in public place in the middle of the night.
What was my most exceptional sex
I had once sex with a man who had two penises :)
What was my most exciting erotic experience
When I was the table for him and he was eating from my body...