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Sexual preferences

Anal sex Swallowing Rimming (ass licking) Lacquer and leather Nylons High-Heels Feet Intimate shave Role plays To tie up Outdoor sex Sandwich

About me

My schedule
Of course, every day of the week and sometimes on weekends.
New and dirty! Greedy and hungry!
Live Dates
A perfect date has to be developed and there one already finds in the first few minutes whether it fits or not, I would like to start in a coffee and the date would then end up in my bed or your best! :-)
I myself just in a test phase, because there are so many ansprichsvolle fetishes that I also would like to live with you. So I'm open to anything!
Taboo I do not know of any, but who knows, maybe you bring me to my limits? :-)
My hobby
Where do I start ??? :-) I am Xenia and I'm from Berlin! Shortly after I register I realize how awesome it happens here! :-) And I'll always be addicted after you. Visit me and just get to know my curious and playful side! Taboos? No idea, tell me your wishes and I look forward to many great moments with you! I am open to new things
What should I do if I am not online
I work as a hairdresser and when I have Feierabend I'm unterwega with my friends.
What is my favorite sport
Matrazensport! What did you think? :-P :-P
What is the best book that I have ever read
Unfortunately none because I read almost nothing:-)
In which city would like to live
I've lived in my favorite city! :-)
How I imagine a perfect date
Maybe a romantic candlelight dinner? Perhaps you will surprise me!
I would take to a desert island
While it will not work, but prefer all of you, otherwise I will be boring :-) :-)
What should be my soul mate
Is no real dream man for me because it is relative! If it transmits then radioed:-)
What I like most on me
My eyes and my sexy ass :-)
What are my best characteristics
My honesty I think my greatest strength! ^^
What I like the most
The best what you can wiggle the beautiful ass! ^^
What I like most about sex
I'm dirty, wild and passionate! I love it when it is hard and the man holds out long!
What do I dislike in sex
I need foreplay and must be down! Who does not like something that has bad cards!
What do I wish in sex
Total commitment only then it is intense and horny!
What are my favorite positions
Riding, doggy and spoon :-)
Which sex fantasies I have
I like to lead and love when a man is at my mercy and I can make everything horny with the tail! You can not defend yourself :-)
What was my most exceptional sex
In the parking garage in the car