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I love to tease you,dance and making u think at all your wildest dreams and make u feel like u are in heaven with me :)

FKaydenKross (32)

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Sexual preferences

Vanilla sex Dessous Sexy lingerie Nylons High-Heels Uniforms Fruit Titty fuck Swallowing Feet Role plays Outdoor sex

About me

Mmm, make you happy and horny...
Live Dates
make u feel like u are in heaven with me :)
My schedule
On evenings , after studies ;) i like spending in this way my free time.. join to me?
My hobby
running, basket ball, dancing,
What should I do if I am not online
I am working, stuyding... I like it! Just, live my life ;)
What is my favorite sport
I like to watching ;) and .. at all swimming?
What are my best characteristics
Friendly, funny... I could to talk by hours
What I like the most
Women's soul inside ;)
What I would like to try
I am very enthusiastic :) really :D and love to try new things!!
What are my favorite positions
69, I am on the too!... facesitting also! Want to lick me there??
Fisting, dont like
What was the best party I've ever attended
On swimming pool party... Was very exciting!
What is the best book that I have ever read
Harry Potter - all parts ;)
In which city would like to live
How I imagine a perfect date
Walk with you on the beach with Champagne and Cavair...
What I wanted to do this at some
I always wanted to be professional dancer, maybe pool dance? Maybe I will gonna dance for you. ;)
I would take to a desert island
Some excited horny guy.. ;)
What should be my soul mate
Ahhh comm'on! Its boring!... and I dont have any TYPE!
What I like most on me
I hope the same things, like you will like
What is my favorite food
Sushi! ... and everything from Chinese ;)
What I like most about sex
I love long oral foreplays.. ;) and cuddle... :P show u how?
What do I dislike in sex
Scat and piss ;/ dont like, when you tell me what to do
What was my hottest experience
I had one time ANAL sex.. Was very exciting. ;) wanna try again!
What do I wish in sex
I wish to have always orgasm, when we playing.. and can to bring you to this too..
Which sex fantasies I have
I woudl like to try one time threesome!.. FMM ! Would you like to join me?
What was my most exceptional sex
still made not really fullly fantasies...
What was my most exciting erotic experience
Lick my asshole and pussy in the same time... This always makes me scream. :)!!!!