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Here you can find a colourful variety of my pictures!

Halloweenparty (20 images)

Wow was that a cool and crazy Halloween party, has made this much fun. Of course I also get plenty of cock and cum ;-)))))

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Wie ja einige wissen, komme ich jedes Jahr für 3-4 Monate nach Deutschland, um hier richtig Gas zugeben und Party zumachen. So ist auch mein Neues Fotos, die ich hier zeige da bei entschanden-

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Sexual preferences

Oral sex Anal sex Threesome (FMM) Group sex Hardcore sex Vanilla sex Threesome (FFM) Sexy lingerie Lacquer and leather High-Heels Dessous Nylons Uniforms Dildos Vegetable Titty fuck Body insemination Swallowing Role plays Golden shower Outdoor sex

About me

My schedule
Whenever I'm horny and that's very often, but mostly I can unfortunately only from 15-16 clock on the action.
have fun with men
Live Dates
You should you and me a lot of fun.
I'm on sperm game with extreme Bukkake and Gang Bang Parties
Almost no
My hobby
Have fun, enjoy life and have that much sex
What should I do if I am not online
Hello, yes do whatever because all women love to shopping, most likely shoes. I now also have a couple of horny standing here at home and otherwise I like to cook and do a lot of sports to keep my figure.
What was the best party I've ever attended
Well, yes are two types of parties, even with sex and even, well let's say normal parties. The hottest parties were in the normal range, which in the German summer fairy tale, the Soccer World Cup in Germany and of course Ibiza and malls. The hottest sex parties, going to France in Cap d'Agde into the nudist club, there's party every night.
What is my favorite sport
So here I differ with me between active and passive. I like active, cycling, gym swimming and running. Passive I watch like football and Formula One on television.
What is the best book that I have ever read
Well, there are so many good books, such as One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Lord of the Rings, The Name of the Rose, The Little Prince, and so many
In which city would like to live
In what city I would like to live, that's a tough one. Abroad course irritates me the city of love Paris, in the fashion of course, Milan, Vienna, however, also has its charm In Germany, there are many interesting towns, many know her through my tours such as Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, but the hottest city for me is still COLOGNE
How I imagine a perfect date
Mi hombre de mis sueños para sentarse en los tejados de París o Niza en una gran terraza. A esto se añade una gran comida, un delicioso vino tinto, buena música y una gran puesta de sol. Mejor como se pone!
What I wanted to do this at some
Around the world in 100 days, giants, no fun times at hand, it could also be like a couple of days more.
I would take to a desert island
What I would take to a lonely island?? Well, first of all a real man, that's clear. In addition, a good book, if the man even need a break;-)))
What should be my soul mate
First of all, the man has to smell good, that makes me feel right. He should also have respect for the men and women we should can make you happy.
What I like most on me
I am an open, balanced and very kind person and I've learned to enjoy my life.
What are my best characteristics
Described to itself is not easy, but important and good friends told me once. I am open and honest, I'm a fun loving person who likes to laugh, but who also is a good listener.
What I like the most
I am a Latina and we prefer to hear merengue, bachata, reggaeton and salsa. Latin American music is the upbeat music that you can hear almost everywhere, be it at the airport, in a business ......
What is my favorite food
I love to cook yourself, then mostly dishes from my home in the Caribbean. But I also love to go to restaurants, of course I like Italian pasta and pizza, but am also very time eating Chinese. What I liked was very good to eat in Berlin television tower, was already horny over the roofs of Berlin.
What I like most about sex
Yes, but now you'd like to know!! Try it yourself to find out during a personal meeting Just a little tip, I have a dominant and a submissive streak in me and wants to live out both right.
What do I dislike in sex
Unkempt and unwashed men who smell bad I do not like too drunk and disrespectful men are not my thing.
What was my hottest experience
My first gangbang party with Laureen Pink has pleased me very well. Was a bit nervous with so many men in the beginning, but after her, it was really fun and I just could not get enough.
What do I wish in sex
The parties have all your fun and no one comes up short and that everyone is happy and satisfied.
What I would like to try
So I've tried many things but what I have not done sex in an airplane 10,000 feet in height so it must be an amazing feeling. Perhaps there is indeed something we'll see.
What are my favorite positions
I rIn sex I am very easy going and like to try something new. But my top favorite is still advised if I may, make the most of Latina women like.
Which sex fantasies I have
As I've said already tried many things, but what would irritate me, would be a TS. Yes, would experience hot sex with a great TS times make me really hot. Half man half woman, that would be awesome for me what could be good for me to try it and perhaps imagining then still in the process to be observed.
What was my most exceptional sex
I had sex with two men was once remained stuck in the elevator, which was really cool and gave me a lot of fun.
What was my most exciting erotic experience
Descrito a sí mismo no es fácil, pero importantes y buenos amigos me dijeron una vez. Estoy abierto y honesto, soy una persona amante de la diversión que le gusta reír, pero que también es un buen oyente.