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dirtyjuliettes Photos

My photoalbum (20 images)

Here you can find a colourful variety of my pictures!

Devote-Extreme!! (20 images)

Do you also need a devot bitch, tiedup and spanked to have a nice wank, keep on jerking on that bitch and do yourself the very best!!!

Students cucumbers break! (20 images)

Students are little bitches, you never know what is going round in their Heads, even if they pretends to read a book.

Butt Breaker!! (27 images)

It is not so long ago, when I got asked by a horny man during live chat if I would do him a favor, if IŽd stuck my bigest Toy 12x2 inch into my very tight Arse? voilà

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Spoken languages

dirtyjuliette can chat in english dirtyjuliette can chat in german

Sexual preferences

Hardcore sex Oral sex Anal sex Threesome (FFM) Group sex Dessous High-Heels Creampie Swallowing Rimming (ass licking) Role plays Golden shower Outdoor sex Being watched

About me

My schedule
usually at night when horniness takes over me!!!
I´m sure you´ve got some jizz left for me
Live Dates
everything is allowed, if chemestry fits, I am allways looking for guys who wan´t to record some stuff with me meow
My hobby
What should I do if I am not online
lot of sport ( sex is one of them, hihihihihi )
What was the best party I've ever attended
beach party with a lot of music and softdrinks, thats what makes me little kitty pure
What is my favorite sport
I like to climb big rocks, usually in bed hihi, just a joke I love tennis,climbing,bikeing,swimming but also reading,design, and much more on ;)
What is the best book that I have ever read
superwoobinda, ... it´s an italian one, I loved it, all about people, their thoughts, hidden and mad, and usually forbiden ones hihihi
In which city would like to live
How I imagine a perfect date
the place is not really important....but the gifts ....hihihiiihih
What I wanted to do this at some
I allways wated to glide with a parachiute, but jumping out of a plane and the time until open up the parachiute scares me a lot
I would take to a desert island
I have been asked this question a lot of times, I guess it makes no sence to take something with you to a place where you don´t want to be hihi
What should be my soul mate
has to be masculin for sure, but describing makes no sence, because if I´d meet him it has to do the bang, if it does, the note would not fit to real, but it is ok
What I like most on me
i have so many abillities...is pretty difficult to choose one...
What are my best characteristics
I´m just like a kitty, in bed more like big cat, basicly I heard, read, and saw it a couple of times hihihi
What I like the most
basicly there is no favourite genre, I´m able to hear averything that sounds pleasent to me ;)
What is my favorite food
every meal after sex is my favourite one!!!!
What I like most about sex
i have a really long tongue.... getting a tonguejob by me is a DREAM!
What do I dislike in sex
socks, hihihi!!
What was my hottest experience
there is so much good stuff I went through, starting with some lesbo sex, going to groupsex and even sandwitch was hot hihi I think everything is allowed if it makes fun meow
What do I wish in sex
an orgasm for him, but also an orgasm for me, at least minimum one hihihihi
What I would like to try
I´d really want to initiate a sexparty with masks, where people don´t know about the other that could be nice
What are my favorite positions
I love doggy and also weird positions, the main thing is big fun with low effort hihihi
Which sex fantasies I have
I would like to be an Egyptian goddes with lot of slaves around serving me!
What was my most exceptional sex
I had a site adventure, and ther I had great fun, I only say analfisting meow
What was my most exciting erotic experience
domination, I had a dinner with a guy who first told me to wear a remote controlled panty, he stimulated me everytime that much but I was not allowed to moan and orgasm was also tabu. as he payed the bill of our dinner I finally had my orgasm but I had to hide it, this was extremely hard for me but hot