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Hardcore sex Threesome (FFM) Dessous Sexy lingerie Lacquer and leather Nylons High-Heels Uniforms Dildos Titty fuck Face-Sitting Feet Role plays S/M Golden shower Outdoor sex Voyeur (watching)

About me

My schedule
not always, but more often. Mainly in the mornings and while your breaks and after work! Starting at 8 pm German time and on 6 days a week I cherish talks with a special level and like to be admired... Then you are welcome and can see more of me. And who wants more, is allowed to visit me on my FarmofPleasure. The farm with all playing possibilites at the Northern Sea! No neighbours no peeping toms! And if you would like to visit me again, adore me!!! And of course you will get to know several other things if you visit me in real, because I won't be in my office and therefore will give you some other pleasures...f.e. my champagne...and I love the English education, like to mortify you and am pleased of your care. However, if you don't serve me, like I like it, you'll get the immediate reply....
You need a session? Visit me, as well real!!!
Live Dates
There must be a minimum of sympathy and it depends on, what the man wants! You'll meet here the bizzare rubberladie, who realises the naughty rubber fantasies or the authoritarian LadyJane, who treats you with her sadistic manner.. Are interested in my fetishes and SM? Could it be shot/filmed? Or would you like to have a session alone with me... Many questions - and you are the one to answer them I spend educating from tender to very hard, am in the black area at home, giving a. .. expansions for inexperienced, like to feminisize, manage, Taking a cleaning and house slaves .... If you still are wondering and I'll tell you even more, if you ask!
Important: You'll meet here Britta of Latexcult, Latex-Julia (the two bizarr Latexladies) and LadyJane the sadistic Corset-Goddess!!! For real visitors - Of course NS and Squirting (my special waterboarding methods) belong to my favourites - but not in my office!!!Outdoortreatment:- Nettles, thistles, chestnuts (depending on season), drill in the watt in true military outfitIndoortreatment:- Fuckingmaschines, Strap-on, Facesitting, Breathplaying, Power play, english education, feminisation and many more... why Jane's favourite the pizzle is missed, is unbelievable... She is sadistic and it makes her horny, if you are on your knees!!!
the usual stuff: **** and animals Besides: to do things, which the other doesn't like
My hobby
Grin - several things... Swimming, Ride the bicycle, Read, Having a walk, SM, Cooking, Sex.... And what I like best, I just made ​​it my profession ... my vocation is to treat men and indeed my very special way. If know you want to get to know, what a women can do with all men, who give themselves, then you're right on my farm! And if you want a real session, you are welcome on my farm Additionally one short information: several men wrote or told me, that they want something really, really really naughty! I simply have to warn: mostly men were surprised, that a lot of those things are normal for me, as I live it in daily life! So my simple sentence: If 2 persons agree nearly everything is possible! Do you have questions about practices or clips or books? Then ask me, I like to help you - but often not only virtual, but real;)
What should I do if I am not online
Mostly it is so that I have to do something in the yard or in the house, or even customers let work;) Then it may be that I'm just cooking, or put me apart with my jobs .... Very often I have persons visiting me and therefore it just depends, if I educate, train them, teach them...
What was the best party I've ever attended
My own, as I know, what I love to drink and eat, what kind of music is mine ;)
What is my favorite sport
1. To swim in the sea! 2. SM 3. Defeat men
What is the best book that I have ever read
Many books I liked to read ... but there was only one where I had to admit that even the filming had not destroyed - Umberto Ecos Il nome della rosa
In which city would like to live
After my experience of decades: in none. Because I learned to enjoy my freedom outside of any town!
How I imagine a perfect date
It's simple: I imagine how you call me to arrange an appointment and then come to me, you knee to greet my boots! Then slowly look up to and I can see your worship ....
What I wanted to do this at some
All I every wanted is realised. Why should I dream? I simply realise things!
I would take to a desert island
Water... of course, I need to drink something ;) And of course some other things, but to be honest: I won't tell you here ;)
What should be my soul mate
Why should? As he looks, he was simply the best choice and I am glad!
What I like most on me
My voice, my look, the pure femininity, which I emphasize with my high fashion!
What are my best characteristics
The directness, the honesty not to make a show, but simply to remain as I am. Therefore, my clients have found again and again: You are really the way like in front of the cam
What I like the most
It depends on my mood. Sometimes purrfect 80's rock, sometimes classical, sometimes hard rock, there are many good pieces that I associate with beautiful moments.
What is my favorite food
Home cooked;) I love the home cooking to the 6-course menu ... just depending visit and time
What I like most about sex
To show a man what a woman wants and to educate and teach him full of fantasy!
What do I dislike in sex
People without antenna and stupid egomanics :D
What was my hottest experience
My hottest experience? Well, it was one of my absolute favourite funs, figging! My visitor wanted to be used anal again and as he loves pain as well, it was obvious to give him fresh ginger... to insert it! And yes, it was really hot!
What do I wish in sex
Quality, but ask me personal in front of the cam!
What I would like to try
nothing, because I realise dreams, even yours?
What are my favorite positions
Well there are many, as I am used to have some more practise in active play ;) I don't think, that men are used to be the passive part in the love swing, where I play anal games and give the forced orgasms..
Which sex fantasies I have
A lot and I guess some different ones, why people enjoy to come to me?
What was my most exceptional sex
When I first had forced a man to cum and he was crying and laughing with happiness at the same time ...
What was my most exciting erotic experience
When I finally living out my dreams and did not want to take any things into consideration: So I took a man as I saw it in the movie, as it excited me, but just so that he survived it;) In the film, a woman riding a man and pressed her thigh, which he did not survive;) But I noticed that it had excited me and let me go until sometime warned the inner voice, so you make of him a egghead, or breakest the bone ) but it was an infinite pleasure