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SweetPaulas Photos

My photoalbum (13 images)

Here you can find a colourful variety of my pictures!

Weiße Bikini :-) (23 images)

Hallo,.. hier sind ein paar neue Bilder von mir in weißer Bikini:-).. Ich habe es wieder richtig genoßen in der Natur fotografiert zu werden;-)

Gemischte Fotos:-) (18 images)

Hier bin ich..im ganz normalen Alltag,..aber trozdem sexy;-)..

Fotos aus Italie (21 images)

Heiße Bilder aus dem Strand:-)..und andere;-)

Sportlich und sexy in Natur:-) (36 images)

Hallo Jungs:-).. Hier sind die neuste Bilder von mir - diesemal in der Natur.. auf sportliche Art:-)).. So sexy kann man beim Sport schwitzen und dabei die Sonne genießen.. Spaß haben!! :-)..

(31 images)

Heiße Dessus :-) (96 images)

Hallo Alle!Hier ein paar neue sexy Bilder in heißer Dessous aus meinem Wohnzimmer:-)

Weiße Strapse:-) (38 images)

Hallo meine Lieben, hier ein paar Bilder von mir..für alle die auf richtig schöne Dessus stehen;-)

Unterwegs in der Natur :-) (40 images)

Hallo meine lieben:), die schönste Bilder enstehen draußen in der Natur und dasswegen habe ich für euch wieder ein paar heiße Fotos unterwegs durch den Wald und am See gezaubert ;-)

Ich vor 10 Jahren :-) (12 images)

Hallo Männer, seid ihr neugierig wie es alles beim mir angefangen hat? Wie habe ich denn vor 10 Jahren ausgesehen? :-) Da war ich 20 Jahre alt und schon ein geiler Hase ;-) ;-)

Ein sonniger Tag am Rhein :-) (34 images)

Hallo Männer, Ich habe einen heißen tag mit meinem Fotograf am Rhein verbracht :-) Ihr wartet sicher schon ganz sehnsüchtig an einen neuen Bilder Set von mir ;-) Ich hoffe, euch wird es gut gefallen.

Ein schöner Tag in Xanten (42 images)

Liebe Männer, Freunde und Bewunder :-) Hier sind ein paar nette Bilder die entstanden sind während des Besuchs der römischen Museum. Ich war zu erste mal da und fand es sehr interessant.

Ein toller Urlaub in Ägypten (23 images)

Hallo Ihr Lieben :), Ihr habt lange von mir nichts gesehen. Ich würde mit euch gerne meine schönste Erinnerungen auf den Urlaub in Ägypten teilen. Es war ein Traum Urlaub an einem Ort wo Ich die erste Erfahrungen mit Tauchen gemacht habe. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim gucken :)

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About me

My hobby
My hobby are all above cycling, dancing, swimming and naturally sex:-))
My schedule
Im`every Day online from 22:00 to 3:00,...sometimes too.. from 17:00 to 22:00;-)
Sex in the morning is best coffee!
What are my best characteristics
I think it's one of my best traits are especially cheerfulness, openness, discipline, and in addition, that I am very friendly.
What I like most on me
Hmm, I am actually quite critical to me, but best I like about me that I am a very positive person and can laugh about my life failures :-)) .. For me, the sun shines on most days :-)
What should I do if I am not online
If I'm not online, .. I'm either in the Schulle or somewhere along with my dog: o) the remainder of my time is spent mostly at home in learning and the way I care for my budget of course .. If I am on the day still remains little while .. I dedicate my love to dance or fitness. Sometimes I would have taken that day had 30 hours and not 24 hours :-) But that does satisfy everyone of us:)
What I like the most
I like to listen to pop music, R & B music, Latino music ... Hip hop and techno music:), jazz music. I really like it all .. beside hard rock music and metal music. My favorite singer is Rihanna .. I am her huge fan:)
I would take to a desert island
A book, a flashlight, a lighter and my dildo :-)
What is my favorite food
My favorite food is salmon with mashed potatoes. I love fish and salmon all Arte great deal :-)
What I like most about sex
During sex I especially like dogy styl .. orally, .. Playing with spit and cum .. I'm on dominant men .. who know exactly .. what a passionate woman needs .. I dream of sex in the wild or in an elevator ... hmmm
What I wanted to do this at some
I've always wanted to dive deep in the sea .. write a book and really travel the world .. Hopefully it will still realize all ;-)
In which city would like to live
I would like to live in Paris! :-) I think, Paris is the city of dreams,.. city of love.
What do I dislike in sex
There are few things I dislike in sex. These include caviar and fisting
Which sex fantasies I have
I have many fantasies, .. One is of a horny kinky sex at the same time consenting to do with a woman and 2 men.
What is my favorite sport
Sports was and still is my hobby;-) My favorite sport is cycling .. I ride all year with the bike .. no matter what season it is now. It always brings me a lot of fun .. and the feeling of freedom .. that gives me my bike is unverwechslebar:) .. Because of sports I keep my ass nice and round:)
What should be my soul mate
The appearance of my dream partner is not the most important to me .. He should be above all grown up and head out. I have no great claims .. It also has a look .. My dream is to partner but have something magical, .. what will tempt me .. I'm on men who have a strong figure and very important to me are his eyes, .. should sparkle .. and a warm .. deep eye on;-)).. And if he still has a nice smile, .. well then .. hmmm :-)).. could suddenly turn the world with me quicker :-))
What do I wish in sex
:-)) .. oh well it's up to the mood and the mood;-) .. Time really slowly tenderly wet smooch but mostly through a hard training to be:-D .. I say soo attentive tender foreplay and after hard dirty sex! .. so long until I scream at the sky! :-) .. hmmmm
What I would like to try
It is still much what I would sometimes like to try;-) .. A really hot sex with two dominant men :-) or fast quicky in an office :-)) .. hmmm That would be something for me: P .. Well let's see .. what's in my stars;-)
What are my favorite positions
My favorite position is number Favourite :-) from behind .. so I'm pretty submissive in sex - I need this position often;-) .. But otherwise I really love all positions -'m very kelenkig and I like to experiment:-D ..
What was my hottest experience
The most erotic experience ever had a threesome sex! With my lover and my girlfriend:-)
What was my most exceptional sex
In the elevator !!!
What was my most exciting erotic experience
My most exciting erotic sex experience ever was definitely in the car park! :-) It was summer and we are late at night behind a park on a busy parking lot is not a small blanket made ​​wide and let it rip right :)
How I imagine a perfect date
If it comes to the first joint Date, .. I'd just like to go somewhere just walk in nature or with a delicious Keffee with lots of cream;-) :-) go to the cafe .. Against surprise, but I have nothing to do:-P
What is the best book that I have ever read
The best book .. that I read was the book - The Secret (the secret) of Rhorna Byrne .. It changed my outlook on life and my eyes opened to many things :-) I read it sometimes always happy .. I can now continue to recommend them ..;-)
What was the best party I've ever attended
It is difficult to judge :-), .. because I've seen so many great party:-D