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Mjason (31)

Spoken languages

jason can chat in english jason can chat in german

Sexual preferences

Hardcore sex Oral sex Anal sex Threesome (FMM) Group sex Lacquer and leather Uniforms Dildos Rimming (ass licking) Face-Sitting Feet Role plays S/M Golden shower Outdoor sex

About me

My schedule
everytime when i am hot and im 5 times in the week online
I'm always horny, good looking sexy man. im waitin
What is my favorite sport
i love go to gym and i love it go outside with my dogs
In which city would like to live
i would live in los angelos newyork negril cancun
What I wanted to do this at some
bungee jumping and worldtrip and finish my study:-)
What I like most on me
i love everything on my body, my body is everythink for me:-)
What I like the most
i love Rnb,hiphop,soul, house and love it to dance
What is my favorite food
i love to eat sushi döner lopster sarma and maybe you can tell me what i dont know:-)
What do I wish in sex
i love outdoor sex and i like very hard and nasty thinks:-)
My hobby
i love to swim, sport everything:-)
What are my favorite positions
i like very doggy style, i think evry possotion
Live Dates
Iwould to like first a dinner and later a lot of fund in our privat room:-))) if you know what i mean
Which sex fantasies I have
i have a lot of sex phantasy sometimes hard sometimes soft ,ilove sex in all possition
What was the best party I've ever attended
the best party was the sexyparty in cologne
i think i will do everything
What I like most about sex
i love new thinks and love the classics:-9
i love it if i can be top dominant
What I would like to try
i do everything,if someone has new idea can try it with me,i love new experience
What was my most exceptional sex
i have a lot of experience ,in the car when i was driving,in the air plane
What should I do if I am not online
im looking for sex dates
How I imagine a perfect date
first in a nice restaurant and then to the hotelroom and with cool musik
I would take to a desert island
a hot man to have fun with him:-)
What is the best book that I have ever read
my favorite book its feuchtgebiete
What are my best characteristics
i guess i have a lot of.... if i started to wright i will never stop:-)
What do I dislike in sex
i dont like if someone be quite
What was my hottest experience
i was traveling and i met 2 hot guys ,went to the hotel and it was the best night in my live
What should be my soul mate
i dont have dreamboyfriend, how he is looking doesnt matter ,the importint think is its must work:-)