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Sommer, Sonne & SexyClaudi (15 images)

und ein paar private Bilder aus der schönsten Jahreszeit im Jahr ;-) Ich liebe Sommer , Sonne, Strand & Meer. Daher mache ich sehr gern auf Mallorca Urlaub. Aber auch in den Bergen von Österreich kann man einen wundervollen Urlaub verbringen.

Eine bunte Mischung ;-) (14 images)

Mal wieder ein paar neue und private Bilder aus meinem Leben ;-)

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My hobby
I love life in all its facets .. i love it with my charms to play and men to bring the mind;-) I like to go delicious food, like cozy evenings zH or let it rip happy times at parties. A good mix of everything is very important to me. I do not like boredom. I travel very much, preferably in the sun. I like spa and sauna. Sport is also very important to me (even mattresses Sports hihi) belongs of course to my life. I am humorous and an open person. I'm curious, what do you
My schedule
Not always - but more often smile
Cooling complacent?
What I wanted to do this at some
Shopping without limit;-)
What should I do if I am not online
Then I'm like all normal people do with my charms;-) or the men in Eiscafe crazy;-)) when I relish without panties and bra to lick an ice cream cone .. ;-)
What was the best party I've ever attended
That was a private party .. Frivolous puhhhhhh because what was going on .. LOL
What is my favorite sport
Um ... Sport is murder .. oh no .. Matrazensport also keeps fit right? You can see it ... LOL! Well bissi jogging and fitness can allow yourself even once .. hehe
How I imagine a perfect date
You and me? That's quite perfect enough or? ;-)) A date with level harmony and tingling eroticism. A cozy dinner with red wine .. crackling atmosphere ... looks attractive with an open end ..;-)
What I like most on me
Ähhhhhhhhhhhhm ... I would say my two girlfriends naturally grown;-) pleasure getting to know them?
What is my favorite food
Um .... I am a relished and enjoyed very much and may accordingly. When I go eat with me .. then there is definitely something real on the table .. I'm finally not a rabbit .. LOL!
What I like most about sex
AZ really anything that does not hurt ... Varied it should be .. the playing with fire ... I love discovering new ...
What was my hottest experience
A spontaneous sexual experience with my girlfriend and her husband ... because I realized how great can be a threesome .. o) Unfortunately, you have the all too rarely;-(
What do I wish in sex
An appetizer, a main course and a dessert extended;-) where you can leave out the appetizer and the dessert due to time constraints sometimes hehe .... so between by the office? Since you only have time for a wild main course ...;-) So every bit of it I like most ....
What was my most exciting erotic experience
I had sex with a friendly couple ... ohhhhh when I think .. I will be right back * hot * huiiii - do you want to know more? Then ask me but .... : o)
I love to erdniedrigen you, me making fun of you .. I expect obedience .. I love gifts and luxury
extreme pain art ... injuries ect.
I would take to a desert island