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FetishAlbum! (19 images)

How nice when we share things in common .... everything flows better, come and enjoy together our passion ;)

Welcome Christmas ️ (7 images)

Wishing to take your little pig with my Christmas cookies on good night

march of pleasure (35 images)

feed your sight with me

FSussieLane (20)

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Sexual preferences

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About me

How I imagine a perfect date
My perfect appointment would be to see sunset while we talk about life accompanied by a delicious wine.
What was my most exceptional sex
extraordinary? It was dawn I did it outdoors on a terrace
What should I do if I am not online
Most time I usually study and spend time with my cat and go out with my friends
What was my hottest experience
It was doing it in cinema and terrace
I would take to a desert island
Fire, emergency case, food, knife, books, ropà, boots, water, flashlights, rope.
What should be my soul mate
get on an airplane and travel tattoo my full arm
What was the best party I've ever attended
Pijama party with my friends.
What I like most on me
physically my face and my buttocks I like my mysterious, curious being I like being affectionate
What I like most about sex
I like tension, I really enjoy when they hang me and talk to me dirty I love sitting on my face.
What I would like to try
I am open of mind and very curisa
Which sex fantasies I have
That they tie me completely, make it disguised, do it on a yacht.
What is my favorite sport
My majority of free time I spend playing volleyball
What are my best characteristics
The right person will know how to treat me, I really don't look for something specific just to laugh.
a playful girl for a naughty guy 😉
My schedule
Monday to Saturday from 10pm to 5am gmt -5 colombian time!
What is the best book that I have ever read
The Pillars of the Earth (Plaza&Janés): In the England of the Middle Ages, Ken Follet tells stories of murder, sinking and travel in a time of civil war while proceeding to build a Gothic cathedral.
In which city would like to live
I would like to live in a city that has the four seasons of the year, love spring makes me feel new energy blooming in me, I love autumn and I adore summer and winter
What I wanted to do this at some
Fulfill my personal goals, such as my house, car and financial independence
What is my favorite food
I love doing this, tasting many types of food, in particular I like seafood, sushi, and I love Hawaiian pizza
What I like the most
I really like varied music, techno helps me relax, have a lot of concentration when I'm working on something
What do I dislike in sex
Don't take into account what I also want
What do I wish in sex
that there be good communication so that we can understand each other and we can do what we both like
What are my favorite positions
Ich mag abwechslungsreiche Musik sehr, Techno hilft mir, mich zu entspannen und mich besser konzentrieren zu können, wenn ich an etwas arbeite