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kenzie-passions Photos

Fkenzie-passion (21)

Spoken languages

kenzie-passion can chat in english

Sexual preferences

Threesome (FFM) Threesome (FMM) Vanilla sex Sexy lingerie High-Heels Nylons Uniforms Dessous Role plays Face-Sitting Feet

About me

What do I wish in sex
so that the guy (or a girl) is not selfish
What was my hottest experience
I went bungee jumping.
What is my favorite food
How I imagine a perfect date
In good company every date is perfect.
World of pleasure :)
My schedule
I don't have a schedule, just check my profile ;)
What I would like to try
Group sex.
What was my most exciting erotic experience
Threesome with two guys.
Which sex fantasies I have
Write to me and we'll fantasize together.
What is the best book that I have ever read
Harry Potter. I love when a guy knows how to use his wand.
In which city would like to live
In Copenhagen, Denmark.
I would take to a desert island
A book with tips on how to survive on a deserted island.
What I like the most
I listen to all kinds of music.
What was the best party I've ever attended
My 21st birthday.
What I like most on me
My body and my tattoos.
What I like most about sex
I like domination, but I'm open to do pretty much anything.
What do I dislike in sex
Being dominated.
What I wanted to do this at some
show myself on here ;)
What is my favorite sport
What should be my soul mate
I don't judge people by their appearance.
What was my most exceptional sex
on the beach
What should I do if I am not online
I'm sleeping, eating or hanging out with my friends.
What are my favorite positions
What are my best characteristics
I am patient, kind, fun, open.