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I'm here for a lot of fun

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Spoken languages

WandaBecker can chat in english

Sexual preferences

Anal sex Vanilla sex Hardcore sex Oral sex Sexy lingerie Lacquer and leather High-Heels Dessous Uniforms Nylons Wax Fruit Dildos Vegetable Role plays Swallowing Face-Sitting

About me

My schedule
my schedule goes from 00:00 hours to 00:06 hours (CET)
lots of crushing sex
What should I do if I am not online
when I'm not online I'm a nurse and I take care of grandparents in a foundation
What was the best party I've ever attended
the best party I went to was in a beach hut with rum, Latin music and lots of people
What is my favorite sport
my favorite sport is baseball
What is the best book that I have ever read
my favorite book is "Gesundheit! For the good health of the individual, the medical system, and society through medical services, complementary therapies, humor and joy"
In which city would like to live
I would like to live in a city near the sea with a warm climate
How I imagine a perfect date
a perfect date is in a cabin in the mountains sheltered by the fireplace and marshmallows
What I wanted to do this at some
on my wish list I want to find a sensitive and loving man who is with me at all times
I would take to a desert island
I must take my first aid kit anywhere, it is something that cannot be missed
What should be my soul mate
I would like to find a person of a different nationality than mine and who can teach me about their culture and customs
What I like most on me
I love my tits because it is something that highlights my personality
What are my best characteristics
my best characteristics is my ability to listen and understand other people besides that I am very sensitive and affectionate
What I like the most
my favorite music is salsa and the typical joropo of venezuela my country
What is my favorite food
I love sweet caraota, which are small black beans, a typical food from my country
What I like most about sex
I love that men make love to me many times continuously until I am satiated
What do I dislike in sex
I don't like being left halfway through I like the man who is with me to make me squirt
What was my hottest experience
my hottest experience was making love with my two cousins ​​at my grandmother's house I loved smashing them and leaving them exhausted
What do I wish in sex
I want to find a man who makes love to me many times and makes me hard
What I would like to try
I like new experiences and I am passionate about anal sex
What are my favorite positions
I really like to ride men
Which sex fantasies I have
my sex fantasy is to lay a man on the bed and ride him until he feels like he squirts inside me
What was my most exceptional sex
my most extraordinary sexual experience was when I made love to one of my friends and the first time he came in my anus
What was my most exciting erotic experience
my unforgettable erotic experience was to see how some soldiers bathed in the river all naked and soaping their bodies